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How I Became a Massage Therapist

My massage career began as an accident.  I wanted to take a class.  I wasn’t even sure what type of class I was interested in.  I somehow came to the decision to sign up for massage training.  I thought  it would be fun, I could massage my family and friends and I could continue working as a 911 dispatcher.

During the class I found that I absolutely loved massage.  I loved doing massage and I loved getting them.  I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about the body and pain referral patterns.  I would massage anyone who sat still long enough for me to get my hands on them.

I was asked by the school owner if I would accept a position with them as a full time therapist;  I turned it down.  A few weeks later, I reconsidered.  That was in 2003.   I have never regretted the decision to study, and later become a full time therapist.

I have read that you should never be defined by your career, that you should always maintain a distance from your work.  With Massage, that would be impossible.  Massage is a big part of my life, I love being “Dana the Massage Therapist”.  Massage is my hobby and my passion.  I love my clients and the connection I have with them.  I love coming to work and feeling that I somehow have made a difference in the lives of my clients, whether it be by relieving pain, reducing stress, giving them a shoulder to cry on, or just someone to talk to.

I think of myself as a facilitator.  Some massage therapists call themselves healers, which is fine, no judgment.  I feel the healing comes from the client.  I provide the space, the love, the compassion and the tools necessary for them to heal; they do the hard part.  Facing the issues and working through them is not always easy.  Posture changes, stretching and strengthening underused or overused muscles, thought pattern changes, whatever your “issue”, massage can help you overcome and defeat them.  How cool is that!